Fourz Towers & Partners LLP

Commercial & Business

The services we offer in this area cover the following:

  • Commercial litigation- providing legal representation to commercial and business entities in the law courts;
  • Providing professional transactional advice to our clients in matters involving intellectual property and infringement rights;
  • Employment advising and legal representation both at the trial and appellate courts;
  • Construction, engineering and property consulting services;
  • Providing legal services to the banking sector and other financial institutions;
  • Competition and anti-trust advising;

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We are focused and organized

Fourz Towers and Partners is uniquely positioned and committed to providing services with a highly competitive edge, productivity in a broad range of practice areas, and satisfactory and value-added outcomes to our teeming mix of clientele. 


Speed and efficiency, staff motivation, fulfillment, and corporate social responsibility to match with the mission & vision of our organization.


Dynamism, legal services innovation, digitization and automation, expertise, and value for money.


Industry standards compliance, abiding by and protecting the laws, rules of the profession, and the promise of our practice.


Working in partnership with our clients we are consistently delivering the best possible outcome in a given circumstance or set of circumstances.

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