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Our top-notch corporate legal services cut across advisory on corporate governance, regulatory compliance, risk management, due diligence, and monitoring. 

Experienced Lawyers, Professional Approach

Fourz Towers & Partners LLP (FT&P)

We are a top-class law firm, with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. We are a fast-growing, sector-leading, modern law firm of highly skilled & highly motivated legal professionals, working as a team to deliver the best client-focused legal services that add value, secure and preserve the integrity of our clients’ rights and investment interests.

We are focused and organised

At FT&P we are uniquely positioned and committed to providing services with a highly competitive edge and productivity in a broad range of practice areas, delivering satisfactory and value-added outcomes to our teeming mix of clientele. 


Speed and efficiency, staff motivation, fulfillment, and corporate social responsibility to match with the mission & vision of our organisation.


Dynamism, legal services innovation, digitization and automation, expertise, and value for money.


Industry standards compliance, abiding by and protecting the laws, rules of the profession, and the promise of our practice.


Working in partnership with our clients we are consistently delivering the best possible outcome in a given circumstance or set of circumstances.

Best Legal Service, Proven Results

We offer quality and innovative legal services both within and outside Nigeria. Some of these services are in the following practice areas:

Why Fourz Towers & Partners is Different

Our Values

Integrity – Culture – Creativity – Productivity

Our Experience

Highly skilled | Professionalism | Partnership & Service

Our Promise

Bespoke Solution | Efficiency | Focused Outcome

We have a wealth of experience
in various legal practice areas

At Fourz Towers & Partners LLP our wealth of experience in the different practice areas is harnessed in delivering first-class client service experience to both our corporate and private clients. Our client-focused legal services delivery is derived from distinct principles of the Firm (culture, integrity, creativity, and productivity), driven by our experience and expertise in various practice areas, sustained by our range of highly skilled professionals and specialists who work tirelessly to delivering our promise to our range of clientele.

Taxation & Pension

Fourz Towers & Partners has a well-grounded knowledge of Taxation. Our Tax advisory team who are well learned in Nigerian and International Tax regime ensures that adequate measures are taken to ensure full compliance with tax laws.

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IP, Media & Ent.(IPME)

Our Intellectual Property (IP), Media and Entertainment Law Practice provides legal advisory to clients on enforcements and protection of every aspect of there intellectual property rights.

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Our litigation services focuses on prosecuting and defending clients in litigation matters at the trial, intermediate and appellate courts.

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Commercial & Business

Providing professional transactional advice to our clients in matters involving intellectual property and infringement rights; Employment advising and legal representation both at the trial and appellate courts;

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Human rights/public interest litigation

Fourz Towers & Partners LLP treats human rights matters with the utmost attention. We provide at any level, free legal services to indigent victims of human rights abuse, including approaching the court to enforce rights and recover compensations where necessary for abuses.

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Property consulting

We participate in property transactions from the negotiation stage, conduct of due diligence, search, acquisition of properties, obtaining relevant licenses/documents of title and registration of title documents with relevant government agencies.

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Employment & Careers

Fourz Towers & Partners also specializes in offering legal advice on employment and labour-related matters. This practice area cuts across the negotiation of employment contracts, termination of employment, and advising on issues arising from mergers, acquisitions, liquidations and restructuring.

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Foreign & Diaspora Investments Consulting (FDIC)

To advise you on real and genuine investment opportunities;

To advise you on incentives for foreign direct investments;

To help you make informed choices when deciding where and how to invest;

To avail you with professionally articulated procedural guide designed to provide legal safeguards, incisive investment information and opportunity;

To provide follow-on legal and professional services – such as: a) draft of property transfer documents: Deed of Assignment, Power of Attorney, Sales Agreement, and so on; Perfection and Registration of property title; Company Incorporation and statutory filings; Joint Development Venture Advisory, Vetting and Agreement; Rapporteurship – providing corporate meetings management and rapporteur services; due diligence and ongoing support.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

You can schedule or book a consultation with one of our lawyers who can quickly go through the set of facts, ask relevant questions and be able to tell you where you possibly stand.

Our fees are very affordable and competitive.

Yes, our practice is headquartered in Abuja, but can represent clients in the different states/courts of the country.

Yes, we take matters and represent clients in all levels of courts, including the Supreme Court. We currently have pending matters at the Supreme Court of Nigeria.


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