Fourz Towers & Partners LLP

Foreign & Diaspora Investments Consulting Services

What we do for you under this practice area head:

  • To introduce you to real and genuine investment opportunity, especially in the real estate and the Capital Market;
  • To give advice on prevailing government incentives for foreign direct investments;
  • To provide expert advisory services to you to help you make informed choices when deciding where and how to invest;
  • To avail you with a professionally articulated procedural guide which is designed to provide legal safeguards, incisive investment information and opportunity for maximum return on investment;
  • To provide follow-on legal and professional services – such as: a) draft of property transfer documents: Deed of Assignment, Power of Attorney, Sales Agreement, and so on; b) Perfection and Registration of property title; c) Company Incorporation and statutory filings; d) Joint Development Venture Advisory, Vetting and Agreement; e) Rapporteurship – providing corporate meetings management and rapporteur services.
  • We provide quality investment advisory and managerial support to existing and prospective clients who are seeking to invest in the different sectors of the Nigerian economy; providing them with all necessary legal protection, research, information, due diligence and on-going support.


Target Sectors: we provide investment advisory and consultancy services, offering our wealth of experience and professional expertise in the following corporate and commercial areas:

  • Foreign Direct Investment consulting and advisory:
  • Company incorporation and documentation;
  • Real Estate Investment Advisory;
  • Investigation, verification and registration of Title;
  • Business acquisition;
  • Stocks & Shares Investment Advisory;
  • General investment & business consulting;
  • Written legal opinion on every aspect of commercial and corporate matters.

Our Experience: 

In the past few years, we have helped a number of our diaspora clients take good advantage of quality and strategic investment opportunities in Nigeria.  We are rigorously thorough, understand the commercial terrain, possess the exposure and expertise to not only give you a great investment opportunity but also to secure it, while your investment grows.

Our Promise: you can be sure of the highest level of professionalism, attention to details and quality of advisory, that will guarantee that your investment would have been well investigated, analysed, due diligence and compliance done, all registrations and perfections done –  secure investment and peace of mind through and with us.

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Fourz Towers and Partners is uniquely positioned and committed to providing services with a highly competitive edge, productivity in a broad range of practice areas, and satisfactory and value-added outcomes to our teeming mix of clientele. 


Speed and efficiency, staff motivation, fulfillment, and corporate social responsibility to match with the mission & vision of our organization.


Dynamism, legal services innovation, digitization and automation, expertise, and value for money.


Industry standards compliance, abiding by and protecting the laws, rules of the profession, and the promise of our practice.


Working in partnership with our clients we are consistently delivering the best possible outcome in a given circumstance or set of circumstances.

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