Fourz Towers & Partners LLP

Antitrust and competition law

Government agencies and national and international trade organisations make laws and regulations to protect consumers, regulate business practices and ensure that fair competition practices are in place.

Our Antitrust and Competition Law team provides clients with updated knowledge and application of the various regulatory and compliance requirements; helping them to focus on running their business activities and achieving their business objectives without being caught in the web of regulatory failures, penalties, expensive compensations and litigations.

This practice area includes providing guidance on the intended risk that may occur as a result of not being conversant with the relevant provisions of the laws and regulations and providing advice on general avoidance of the risk.

We also advise our clients on all that is needed to be done in compliance with local antitrust laws and regulations. The Antitrust and Competition Law team work in synergy with the Corporate and Commercial Law team to ensure our clients are fully protected and operate in compliance with the provisions of the law. 

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