Fourz Towers & Partners LLP

Immigration & Residency

Our immigration and residency practice covers both private and corporate immigration services. We bring onboard a refreshed and insightful solution to some of the difficult questions our clients may be confronted with when finding an answer or making a decision about visiting, studying, working or living abroad.

In addition to providing professional help with documentation and facilitation, we provide unrivalled advisory that answers difficult questions and provides clarity when deciding the most suitable option in the different categories of visas in a number of countries.

We particularly provide immigration advisory services with respect to the following countries: the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada and Australia.

Our extensive experience in this area of law means that we are able to provide bespoke and unrivalled legal advice, guidance and representation tailored to the specific immigration needs of each client in relation to the specific immigration rules, requirements and clearance decisions applicable to each visa category of each country; ultimately helping our clients to achieve their desired migration goal.

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