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Entrepreneurial Walk-in Event: 17th – 21st April 2023 @ our Abuja office

This is a tea-biscuit event to introduce and promote Fourz Commercial Blockwork (fcb).

FCB is our business support & growth initiative. It is a pilot scheme targeted at supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups; providing them with key information on the realities of commercial entrepreneurial adventure, preparing them with sound legal advice aimed at safely navigating them through the minefield commercial dealings and of potential financial loss, legal compliance, technical pitfalls, disappointments or even collapse of idea or business. Our fcb provides the pivotal support for growth, right from formation – the bolts and nuts of setting up your business from a solid foundation, all the way to the intricately articulated boardroom matters and decision making.

For additional information contact the coordinator @ Mobile: 09139273922 Email: [email protected]

Fourz Towers & Partners LLP

Fourz Towers & Partners LLP

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A Director’s Duty of Conflict of Interest

A Director’s Duty of Conflict of Interest. A director’s duty of conflict of interest refers to the legal and ethical obligation of a director to act in the best interests of the company, to act in good faith, be transparent, accountable and to avoid any personal or financial conflicts of interest that may compromise their ability to so act in the best interest of the company.  In most jurisdictions a director’s duty of conflicts of interest is a statutory one; it is also mostly weaved into the corporate governance environment architecture of different corporate sectors, such as in banking, conglomerates, multinational corporations and so on.

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